Web Design Freelancing in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is a great place to get started in web design or web development. Columbus is the largest city in Ohio, and the 16th largest city in the country. The population is around 700,000 people, so there are plenty of jobs out there for those savvy web designers and developers looking for work.

Columbus, Ohio was ranked number one by Forbes magazine in a July, 2008 issue as the best up and coming technology city in America. Compuserve is located in the city, as well as several B2B software companies, looking for young web designers in Columbus, Ohio. Web design is important to any business, and whether you are looking for a full time job with a company, or looking to go freelance, these B2b companies are a great place to start looking.

There are thousands of small web design and development companies in Columbus downtown area. There are thousands as well, spread out to the surrounding areas of Delaware, Dublin, Worthington, and Springfield. Living as far away from Columbus as Union County is still within an hour drive, and with the nature of web design and development, you will sometimes be given the opportunity to work from home.

If you are looking for a way to fill your web design or development resume, getting an internship in Columbus, Ohio is a great way to get a start. As Columbus is still up and coming as a major technology city, the market is not yet saturated with young web designers and developers hungry for a job. Finding a web design and development firm in need of a young web designer is relatively easy.

The sheer number of web design firms in Columbus, Ohio make cold calling a good way to find those jobs not yet posted on job forums, and ensures you are the first with your foot in the door. When calling, have a few notes on what you are going to say when someone answers the phone on a card or sheet of paper. This will ensure you do not make blunders, or sound like you do not know what you’re talking about.

Create your own, personal web site before contacting firms. Make sure it is simple, elegant, and promotes your particular style as a web designer. If you are a developer, make sure you have some web apps on your site to show your skills. If you have designed or developed websites for friends or clients, make sure to put it in an online portfolio. You do have one of those, right? Good. Fire away.

The mid-west lifestyle is alive and well in Columbus, Ohio. Even so, web design and development companies are bringing a little bit of Silicon Valley to the heartland of America. We recommend getting in there before the competition gets too fierce.

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