Copywriting Jobs – How to Find the Best Jobs for You

Copywriting Jobs – How to Find the Best Jobs for You

Are you looking for copywriting jobs? In this article I’ll share some tips which will help you to find great clients, and great projects. Many clients are eager to hire you; you have skills which are in high demand. You just need to know where to find those clients.

1. Avoid Any Outsourcing Sites and Job Boards Which Promote Low Rates

I was reading an article the other day promoting a new job board which boasted that it offered copywriting jobs which pay $20 an hour. I laughed. No self-respecting copywriter would consider such pathetic rates. This shows you that you need to be wary when you’re hunting for jobs. There are many job boards which are run by people who have no idea of the markets they’re trying to serve. Stay away from them: stick with the major outsourcing sites.

2. Network With Graphic Designers

Graphic designers design, and copywriters write. Your clients will often hire a graphic designer before they hire a copywriter. This means that you’re likely to get more copywriting jobs if you network with graphic designers. This will benefit both of you. If a client hires you first and is looking for a designer you can recommend your colleague, and if he gets a new contract then he can recommend you.

3. Contact Agencies in Your Local Area

Advertising, graphic design, and management agencies all hire writers. When they have an overflow of work, they subcontract work out. However, they also hire specialist copywriters, because clients like to work with writers who have experience in their field. This means that if you specialize in an area like health, business, or technology for example, and get on to an agency’s books, you’ll be offered a steady supply of projects.

There’s never been a better time to be a copywriter. There are lots of jobs available, and if you know how, you can easily find clients and jobs you love.

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