Cost of a Custom Logo Design – How Much Should Be Enough?

Many businessmen wonder how much it costs to get a corporate emblem created by the professional designer. Well, there is no definite answer to this question. The cost of a custom logo design lies anywhere between nothing more than a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Taking a broad view, you can say that you will get what you pay for. However, there are some cases where people spend a lot but get a garbage emblem design and some other cases where people only spend a bit but get a true branding gemstone. Therefore, it deserves putting some thoughts into the procedure of selecting a professional.

Important Factors that Affect the Cost of a Custom Logo Design

These are the factors that influence the price that you pay for a logo.

Do It Yourself – DIY Free Model:

There are many free Do It Yourself logo design templates available on the net. Such services allow you to create your own logo by combining some clip-art and little bit of customization. The negative aspect is that you cannot brand-mark your design and since you are not a professional designer your design will be amateurish.

Hiring a Local Designer – Face to Face Consultation:

You can benefit from face to face consultation if you hire a local designer and can also discuss the project, but this comes with a fee. Hiring a professional to get your logo planned is the best option because only an experienced person can put something unique together to create a tailor-made design right according to your company branding needs.

Online Logo Design Services – Cost Effective Way:

Availing online logo design services is a cost effective way to get your branding emblem designed by professional designers. This is because online companies that offer designing services cut relatively huge amount of cost by staying away from coffee drinking sessions with customers while still understanding your needs from the brief form that you fill in online and delivering a bespoke design concept.

Location of the Company – Where It is Located:

Location of the company also affects the price of the emblem that you get. On the other hand, western designers are more experienced in creating branding material for the western companies. While there are some good designers working from Philippines and India at a much cheaper rate. The only downside is that you cannot take any legal action against them if you will ever be go to court for trademark infringement.

Generally it is possible to get a reasonable good custom logo for $50 to $200. You just have to search for a company that offer more than a couple of logo designing packages so that you can choose one according to your needs.

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