Is Men’s Fashion a Minority Online?

Is Men’s Fashion a Minority Online?

Let’s face it; women have the whole fashion industry sewn up. (no pun intended!) Who else has an entire industry devoted to them? Okay that’s not entirely true, but if fashion has a bias, and let’s not kid anyone here, it does, it has a bias toward women, and how!

A conservative estimate would be that the fashion industry devotes about 75 percent of its resources to the design, product creation and the downright pampering of women. No contest.

I suppose that’s only right and proper considering the female drive and desire when it comes to shopping.

That leaves a mere 25 percent to men and children and I’m not entirely convinced that the remaining split isn’t 15 percent to children and 10 to men!

I’m sure I won’t get any nods of agreement from the females who read this, but I’m certain there’ll be more than a few nods of agreement from the guys.

Take a look at men’s fashion stores in the high street. To begin with, there are far fewer stores devoted to men’s fashion than there are for women, and in almost all department stores, men’s fashion is relegated to the top floor or the basement, with the prime ‘walk in off the street’ retail space devoted to women. Go ahead, take a look, I’m not kidding.

That’s the bricks and mortar world. Online it’s a completely different story. Ok, on a department store website, men’s fashion is still the second or third tab along, but that doesn’t matter because you get to the department with a simple click, not a storewide hunt for the escalator or the elevator!

The same goes for men’s fashion online, but to a much lesser degree. If you choose from the many thousands of online men’s stores, rather than generic department stores, you’ll find the very best service offered to everyone as standard. You definitely won’t feel like you’re in a minority online even if you’re in one. As an example; let’s say you are slightly taller or wider than average. In a high street department store, you’ll be lucky to find more than half a dozen shirts in any men’s fashion range with extra long sleeves. Online however, you will be spoilt for choice and to be fair, this applies to both men and women, regardless of the bias toward women in the fashion industry.

Minority or not, some great products are just a click away.

So the next time you’re in the hunt for a shirt, tie, suit, belt, jeans, chinos, or sweater, find them in seconds with the click of a mouse and snub your nose to the high street needle in a hay stack hunt for men’s fashion, you’ll be glad you did.

Happy shopping.

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