How to Create Backlinks to Websites

Assume that you have to promote for the website: aaaaaaa dot com. This is a website of a software company which specializes in outsourcing services, so that the anchor text (text which is visible in the hyper link on which one clicks. The contained words in a link textual can contribute to determine the page towards which link the tip) might be: software outsourcing, software outsourcing company,… But if the website you promote is a fashion website, the anchor text might be: Style, model, designer, accessories shopping etc. And if the website is about real estate, the keywords might be: building, rental, area, apartment, suite etc.

Step 1:

Register an account in a website with high traffic rank (the higher the better).

Note: Username can be anchor text or a keyword in anchor text.

Step 2:

Set up code for each site:

HTML Set Up:

software development company

BBCode Set Up:

[url= aaaaaaa dot com] software development company [/url]

Textile Set Up:

” software development company “: aaaaaaa dot com

Step 3:

After activating account, go to User Control Panel ï? Edit signature (or other section such as: About me, Occupation, Add Bio etc.)

Step 4:

Enter some keywords with code that you have set up.

Note: You can insert deeplinks (a hyperlink that points to a specific page or image on another website, instead of that website’s main or home page) of the website for some keywords.


application development

Now you just have to wait for higher traffic to your website

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