Men’s Tuxedos A Fashion Mainstay

People often say that the clothes men wear are becoming less and less fashionable. The fact that tuxedos are still a part of fashion attests to the opposite being true. They can make a man look good at almost any occasion. They make a great first impression whether a man is on a date or trying to impress business colleagues.

Despite most people thinking the tuxedo is just a formal suit, it’s much more than that. It is something worn by all classes of people. Every man should have at least one good solid well cut black suit that can be called a tuxedo, because there are always opportunities to wear one.

Sometimes people send out invitations to galas and important dinner functions that say a tuxedo is optional. Many men get lazy and think this means they can wear khakis and a golf shirt. However, that’s the opposite of what they should be doing. The words ‘tux optional’ are almost a test, and every man would do well to show up wearing one rather than dressed down.

Originally the tuxedo evolved from the dinner jackets worn in Britain. The people there were taking more and more of their important events to the outdoors, especially in the country. Men wanted to wear something formal that city people were wearing, but that would work for the country. The smoking jacket itself was the first tuxedo jacket, shaping the roots of the suit.

At one point the Prince of Wales had a special suit tailored for him that was a take off the formal dinner suits people wore at the time. A friend of his, an American millionaire, used his tailor and ended up receiving a very similar outfit of his own. He happened to be the owner of a New York country club and the members of his club adopted the same suit style. The suit they wore was then forever associated with the club’s name, Tuxedo Park Club.

Originally the tuxedo was just the jacket, which makes sense since it came from a smoking or dinner jacket originally. Now it is more than just a jacket, often coming with not just the trousers but also a sash worn around the waist called a cummerbund. Tuxedos should have nice black leather shoes to go with them, and men should avoid wearing patent leather or coloured shoes with a tuxedo.

There are more than just one style of tuxedo. Some are single breasted. This is the classic style, worn with a white formal shirt and preferably a bow tie. Some bow ties come pre-tied, which makes them easier to wear. Other tuxedos are double breasted, but these are best left for men who are over six feet tall. This is because of the blocky nature of the collar. Men who want to play the rebel can wear a tuxedo jacket with casual shirt and jeans. They can also match a black shirt to black tuxedo jacket and trousers, but the shit needs to be very high quality in design.

A man should have at least one full custom tailored tuxedo in his wardrobe, to be worn at all sorts of occasions. Tuxedos are good at formal affairs, business dinners and especially weddings. They make all the right impressions on everyone who sees a man in one, and it’s no wonder, given their extensive and important history.

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