Eco Shoes Designer & Manufacturer

Everyone needs at least one pair of shoes to wear at least for part of the day. We have to wear shoes to protect our feet during cold days, wet days or when we are walking on uneven, potentially dangerous surfaces. Some shoes, however, are not good for the environment.

Some use materials that can cause damage to the environment before they are processed. Leather, for example, comes from cows, which can destroy the millions of acres of land used to feed them. Some cheaper shoes are held together with potentially toxic glues, as well.

What special skills are necessary?

To be an eco shoe designer, a background in art, design or fashion is required. If such a skill is not had, then an ability to put the right textures and colors together should be demonstrated.

To be an eco shoe manufacturer, it is best to understand how the manufacturing process works as well to be able to define ecologically sound business practices for the factory setting.

Who is the target audience?

As previously mentioned, shoes are needed for everybody. Therefore, the people most likely to seek out eco shoes would be those who care about the environment as well as those who cannot or will not wear leather and other similar materials.

What are the income projections for this venture?

Depending on the style of the shoes themselves, the prices charged for shoes could be either quite high or reasonably priced. (Higher end shoes, especially those which are part high fashion could bring in a very high price.)

How much money is needed to get started?

To be an eco shoe designer may require only one excellent design to get started. If you have the right sketches and a well-made made prototype of the shoe, an excellent presentation would have companies vying for your products.

As an eco shoe manufacturer, you would have to have the facilities to build, package and ship out your shoes. Moving into a defunct factory could save you money as long as you are able to remove any previous toxins or environmental hazards.

From concept to reality: The beginning of any product is the vision. If you have a dream about the finished shoe, or see production of your line of shoes then you have completed one phase of the path to your profession. Next is the planning phase, followed by implementation and finally the culmination phase.

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