Silver Cufflinks For Men’s 2010 Fashion

Silver Cufflinks For Men’s 2010 Fashion

In the world of men’s fashion, the dawn of business casual dressing or semi-formal have forced some accessories to take the backseat. These accessories have been limited to special occasions and are not worn in the everyday scene. More often than not, you can find them hidden in closets or wardrobe cabinets where they accumulate dust and eventually wear off. Silver cufflinks, one of the accessories compelled to stay in the background, are perhaps still in greater use as compared to other accessories. As a matter of fact, if you are keen enough, you will observe that some men still wear silver cuff links with their everyday suits.

What Makes Them So Special?

People often ask what makes silver cufflinks a significant accessory for men. You might even ask it yourself. Well, if you wear one yourself, you’ll know that a minute accessory like silver cuff links can create an enormous impact on your look. Wearing a classic pair of silver cufflinks can give you the polished, classic and sophisticated look.

Another reason is popularity. Among all types of cufflinks, the silver pairs are the most popular. It can be attributed to the fact that silver cufflinks come in a wide array of design with varying prices. Silver is always synonymous with class and elegance. You might be a trendsetter or one who wants to dress ‘simple’ but there’s definitely a pair of silver cufflinks that would definitely suit your taste and style.

A Wide Variety

If you are a bit picky when it comes to your accessories and would want one that is ornate and “designed”, you can always opt for silver cuff links studded with precious stones or diamonds. They may be a bit pricey but nothing can compare to the heads that will turn your way when you wear them.

Young executives who want to look stylish without looking “too old” for their suit can definitely wear silver framed enamel cufflinks. These pair of cufflinks can add vibrancy and youth to anything that you wear.

If you are conservative with your clothes and do not experiment much with accessories, you can go for solid silver cufflinks for your own classic style.

Silver-toned cufflinks are perfect with both semi-formal and formal attires. You can even have them personalized by having your initials or pictures engraved on them. With this in mind, silver cufflinks can also be perfect gifts for your friend’s wedding or your boss’ birthday.

Some Styles for You

Here’s a list of some popular designs of silver cuff links:

Black oval cufflinks with tiny silver dots. These are cufflinks perfect for people who want to be stylish without being too loud.

Silver-titanium cufflinks. Titanium is currently the metal of choice for ornate accessories. You can choose from black titanium and sterling silver bands around hammered titanium inlay. Classy.

Sterling silver cufflinks. These cufflinks are perfect for people who love designer brands. The fluidity of the design of these cufflinks permit its wearer to wear them with any shirt.

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