Making Pet Accessories for Christmas

Making pet accessories in addition to your small dog clothing can surely turn your pet over to a stylish and trendy fashion model. Aside from the fur that pets naturally have, it would still be best to have them wear some pet clothes appropriate for the season. There are lots of types of clothing appropriate for small dogs this coming Christmas, such as Chihuahua clothing and the like which can be paired with some perfect accessories that are very easy to make. Chihuahua pets are widely known to be dressed up with a small dog clothing by pet owners such as dog sweaters and dog coats for this Christmas season.

Making pet accessories that would match dog sweaters and dog coats does not require a professional training, as long as you know the basics of sewing then your are off a good start. The easiest types of accessory that you can start with are the dog bandanas or the Santa hats for Christmas. For the bandanas, you can grab a wonderful colored fabric in any sewing shop and get the circumference measurement of your dog’s neck. Once done, you may multiply the length by 1.5 to get the width and cut out an isosceles triangle pattern on the fabric using the measurements you have to make a perfect bandana.

For Santa hats, you may grab some satin fabric in red or green color to make your hats look shiny and at the same time grab a paper party hat to be used as a pattern. You may then glue the fabric to the party hat to make them appropriate for Christmas and you may even decorate or sew some creative Christmas symbols that would match your pet’s clothes. Don’t forget to secure a big white pom pom on the top! This is definitely a wonderful Chihuahua clothing make-over activity.

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