How to Wear a Shawl – 4 Creative Tips

If you’re looking for ways to extend your wardrobe without spending a fortune, investing in a classic favorite like the shawl can create new ways to perk up your looks and style. Whether you’re looking to impress your co-workers, hit the party scene with renewed confidence or just feel good all over again.. it’s time to revamp your style by learning the various ways on how to wear a shawl.

Shawls come in different sizes, colors and shapes. You only need a small one and a larger one to wrap around your waist for starters. With these two, you can reinvent your look everyday in many ways.

A shawl is a great fashion accessory during the colder months. There’s no stopping anybody who wants to wear strapless or spaghetti tops as long as a shawl is thrown in to cover the back and shoulders. It can be as simple as a carried drape or as stylish as a European knot. Even the front knot style can be so chic and only takes a few minutes to do. Great as a shrug, a shawl in interesting colors can instantly brighten up one’s appearance. Choose vivid hues and print patterns that wouldn’t overwhelm the face. To create the shrug look, cover the shoulders and upper arms then tie both ends at the back. You can wear it over a strapless mini dress or a fitted top.

1. Wrap around a small shawl around your neck for a cozy look. It doesn’t only shift focus to your face but also updates your old wardrobe by giving it a fresh, new look.

2. A triangle shaped shawl can serve as a wrap if you get tired of wearing jacket to work. It’s simple to do. Throw it on your shoulders and overlap each end at the front to wrap the body then knot it at the back. It looks so cool and can keep you warm all day.

3. If you’re running out of “casual Friday” ideas, how about wrapping a shawl around your waist and wear it sarong-style? That bright shawl worn as a skirt over your jeans is another way of boosting your appearance. Casual doesn’t mean dowdy. You can still be as fashionable as you can without going overboard.

4. For bigger shawls, you can wrap it around the body and make it look like a mini-dress. This takes a little practice but you will master it soon enough. Use a triangular shape shawl for this. Start with one end around the bust area then use the other around the waist area until the two ends meet on the side and cap it off with a pretty knot.

Although a perennial cold weather ally, a shawl is also a great summer accessory. The skirt-type and mini-dress styles can be used over your favorite swimsuit as well. Whether you choose a one-piece swimwear or a sexy two-piece, it is easy to learn how to wear a shawl over it. You can even play up on where to tie the knot-side, front, back-it’s really up to you and depends on your style mood.

By choosing the right materials, shawls can be worn from work to dinner date. You can even have a collection. Lace, silk and knits are the most commonly available. If you can find more, the better because that means you can try out more looks and can even share ideas with friends. A little creativity can surely go a long way. All you need to do is to not be afraid to experiment on this classic fashion statement. With the tips just mentioned, you now have more ideas on how to wear the shawl.

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