Current Tattoo Trends for Women

Current Tattoo Trends for Women

Getting a tattoo is no longer a passion only for the rich and wealthy. The trend is gripping middle class people at an amazing pace. With the advancement in technology the cost for getting a tattoo done has reduced considerably. The process is less cumbersome and a lot safer as compared to a few years ago. The number of people following the trend is on the rise, women making the major portion of it.

A tattoo is permanent marking done onto the dermis layer of skin by inserting indelible ink to change the pigment color. The technique was started long back in the seventeenth century but it is only recent that women took it up as a fashion trend. Women fancy getting a tattoo done at shoulder, back, belly, legs and show it off as fashion styling.

One of the sought after tattoo trend for women is words written in different calligraphic styles. The words can be name of a loved ones, it might bear some religious meaning, or might just act as a status symbol. Another trend is the carefully and gracefully designed image that resembles feminism. This might be a beautifully made butterfly or a bird or might even be shapes like a heart. A great eye for detailing is required for this.

Another recent trend suggests the use of more and more vibrant and bright colors – a dramatic shift from traditional dark colors usually black used by men in the past.

One important and exciting thing to know here is that biggest issue that results in not getting a tattoo done is not finding the right design. Another important but smaller issues include unavailability of a good tattoo artist or lack of money. According to a study, women in particular are more conscious to health issues that can be caused while tattooing. Thus they ensure they find the correct tattoo artist who keeps the needle and equipment clean and germ free. This many times also lead to women not getting a tattoo done at all or a long travel to find the correct tattoo artist.

Also, women also keep in mind that the design which is in Fashion might not be that popular in near future. It might get replaced by a new design and thus hesitate in selecting that design of a design based on that trend. Instead they opt for a trend that is sure to last for quite some time.

All said and done, there is a huge scope for growth in tattoo business especially catering to women’s category. More new creative designs to attract more female customers are the need of the hour. Surely an important fashion item for future.

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