British Victorian Wedding Gowns UK

British Victorian Wedding Gowns UK

With many couples desiring to relive the golden ages by having ethnic and vintage weddings, there has been a revival by designers and wedding planners to reproduce ethnic dresses in the whole of Europe. In the UK, prominent wedding designers are now known to have a collection of antique wedding dresses and have come up with ideas on how to incorporate antique outfits with a traditional fairytale or a modern wedding arrangement in a presentable way.

UK Wedding Dress Styles

There are varieties of bridal designer collections with a UK touch. Wedding dresses from the 16th Century down to the early 20th century have been used in many weddings recently. In the 18th and 19th century weddings, brides wore many colors. It is not until the 20th century that traditional wedding gowns were embroidered in white color. A wedding gown would be passed down the family for generations and preserved for years. Many of these costume collections can be seen in British museum collections, still with their lace and satin in near perfect condition. The art of dress was at a highpoint in the British colonies during the Victorian and Edwardian era that, according to many, has never been equaled. The Victorian obsession with character, morality and grace was due to the ultimate display of the wedding dress. Their magnificence and elegance can be observed in the Cincinnati Art Museum and many websites that offer antique information on British history and traditions.

Corset Styles

In 18th Century English, a new design known as the corset was in use. The dress has an easy shape to wear and looks good on a modern woman due to its boning that releases the pressure off the diaphragm and the waist. The British style corset creates a cleavage that shows off a woman’s bust and enhances the overall appearance by compression. The corsets give the illusion of a smaller waist. This is further enhanced by intense decoration of the front with a style plus the incorporation of a new silhouette.

Today, corsets can be cut from original patterns, with or without tabs. Alternatively, they can also be modified to reflect modern styles with waists cut a little lower and even done with elastic inserts for ease and comfort. The wearer has the right of emphasizing bone channels. Having suitable interlinings with adequate boning is the key in any corset design, otherwise the wedding gown will seem to buckle at the waist.

A properly cut English wedding corset has a smooth finish from the neckline all the way down to the base. They can be produced in a wide variety of fabrics and endless ways of decorating them exist. In addition, they come with a combination of sleeve shapes.

Other Contemporary Wedding gowns

Other gowns with medieval overtures are Evelyn and Estella. Evelyn has a laced arm gauntlet with a toning skirt and hanging sleeves, while the Estella has a modern slim fitting fishtail with the elegance and style of a Victorian evening dress. Most of these weddings have undergone minor modifications before their use in modern wedding ceremonies. In any case, their original English classic look is evident and clearly discernible to an observant eye.

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