Great Army Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas

Great Army Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas

One of the most common themes for a party is army fancy dress costumes. It’s a relatively broad concept and guarantees a variety of different costumes, simply due to the sheer range of ideas a military theme can conjure up.


The first thing to figure out when choosing/designing a costume is to decide what type of army fancy dress costume you really want. Do you want a paratrooper, naval or air force pilot uniform? Or maybe just a subtle twist on an army uniform, such as a sexy army girl costume? Once you’ve got the basics of the type of military costume you want, it’s easy to go from there.


now it’s time to think about style. You might prefer a traditionally US-based army fancy dress costume, or modern military combat fatigues, which are easy to get. But maybe you might prefer a period 1940s/WWII uniform or a hardcore Vietnam Vet 1960s camouflage theme. Another good option is choosing a costume from a different country’s military (with the appropriate level of respect, of course!). If you choose a period or foreign military costume, make sure to select the right hairstyle or accessories that are appropriate for the costume type.

Thinking Outside The Box

If you’re still not sure an army fancy dress costume is for you, try thinking outside the box. Instead of a sexy army girl costume, try an army/space cadet/alien hybrid costume. Or try an Ancient Roman army combat costume (try adapting a costume from the movie 300). Another good option is horror-themed military fatigues – try a camouflage zombie, a punk-rock army girl or a vampire paratrooper. There really are no limits here as this kind of costume theme allows for a good deal of creative freedom. Either way, once you spend a bit of time thinking about what kind of uniform you want, you’ll find something that suits you in no time.

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