6 Most Useful Tips for Opening a Clothing Store

6 Most Useful Tips for Opening a Clothing Store

Tips 1: Select a good location

Selecting the right place, is the first step for opening a store. Most of boutique owners often choose “Central Business District”, as these places have large traffic. For example, fashion boutiques and related stores filled the whole street, from high-class to low, fashion to classical, any age grades, variety of styles and taste, customers have more choices in there, who wouldn’t want to come?

Tips 2: A unique style

Currently, almost every large and medium clothing store contains a variety of clothing styles. How to stand out your own style? I think this step should be the most important part for garment business. Who can come up with a unique style, whom will win the customers. On the other hand, we suggest you choose the same age grades styles, because the dressing taste is closely related to the age, you don’t want to sell the clothing that you don’t like, right?

Tips 3: Advertising

After the store opened, you can print some handbills or business cards, send some peoples to the communities, commercial buildings, office buildings, schools etc to make a promotion for your new store. Also you can set up a website as online shop, as now days online shopping become more and more popular, peoples prefer search clothing online instead of going to the store one by one. In fact, online shopping it might become a major shopping way in the future.

Tips 4: Store design
Atmosphere is also important in clothing store. The light should be bright, display should be orderliness. Because no one want to stay long in a “messy store”. In addition, you can consider add some other accessories such as jewelry, handbags to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Tips 5: Pricing

Determined not to cut the price but promotion sometimes. Perhaps we all had this experience, such as we saw the clothes hand on the wall or show window, if the owner has remarked that the dress promotion price is 99 dollars! We feel that it really worth to 99 dollars!
This is consumer psychology.

Tips 6: Inventory

For the first beginning, we don’t suggest you make a large stock for the clothing, because that might take more risks on you as you haven’t had enough experience yet. You need to select the fabric and find out the latest fashions, the stock quantity should not be too large, normally turnover of stocks in 3~5 days would be better.

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