2009 Jewelry Trends For Men

As the world of fashion evolves to include men, many males have also become fashion conscious and even fashion forward. Aside from the trendy clothes that appear on runways and men’s fashion magazines all over the world, men have also become very aware of the added attractiveness that comes with wearing jewelry.

This year, the trend for clothing in men is turning to the more subtle and neutral colors like gray. Since the palette (men’s clothing is already a palette for style, just like women) is somber, the jewelry that would be the trend this 2009 is neutral and simple as well. Accessories for men take on a dignified look, which can be worn with work clothes as well as with clothes for nights out with the boys.

A major trend in jewelry for men this year is ID bracelets. Although the ID bracelet has been a fashion fixture since the 80’s, it is possible only now that the trend will pick up where it left off. These tags are unlike the ones that you might have on your mind they are very stylish and does not in any way resemble tags in hospitals or tags for luggage. A wearer can choose from a variation of embossed information on the bracelet; you can choose to have your name on it, or your girlfriend’s or evens a quote that you live by. ID bracelets can be bought in silver, platinum, gold, white gold, or steel.

Necklaces are also fast evolving for men’s jewelry fashion. Before, men chose to wear necklaces that are thin, almost invisible, and are much understated pieces of accessories. This year, men’s necklaces include pendants that are almost akin to “blings.” While the chain itself would not be as thick as women’s, the trend is that the chains would go outside anonymity and create a statement all on its own. Pendant choices include discs that may be embedded with wood or precious gems or even solid gems at that. Crosses are also fast becoming popular, ranging from the traditional Christian designs to the more elaborate Celtic designs.

If you can believe it, men can also wear pearls and diamond on their ears. The simple ear studs of the 80’s have graduated to bolder designs that include stones and gems previously only worn by women. With rings, men can choose to wear larger designs that come in silver or gold, but only as stand alone. Popular designs include skulls, barcodes, and spirals that are usually worn on the thumb. Rings for men have thick bands and come out in very stout pieces this year.

Of course, we cannot strike out from this article the jewelry that is used for various body piercing. If your supervisors do not mind facial piercing, then you would have a heyday choosing from the many new designs that have come out this year. Nose and emerging favorite – smaller lip rings include designs that have small diamonds or even precious gems like turquoise.

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