Using Slatwall For Clothing Displays

Using Slatwall For Clothing Displays

Slatwall is an excellent way of displaying your wares in a retail business, as it is both easy to use, easy to replace and easy to modify. It can be employed to display a huge range of goods, from sporting equipment to jewellery, via toys and crockery, and for a relatively low price, so it is highly recommended for shops selling almost any type of equipment. However, one of the most effective ways of using slatwall is to display clothing, as even though clothing and footwear comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes, slatwall’s adaptability can be utilised to its full effect to show off all such goods.

Slatwall comes in a variety of different styles, both full- and half-panels, which can be used either to fit bars to display shirts, trousers or jackets on clothes hangers; or even shelving to make attractive wall displays of shoes and trainers. Furthermore, the fittings come in a variety of colours and finishes, which gives retailers a huge range of choice in picking out their ideal type of fitting, ensuring that they can design their dream store. Whether they are looking to create a stylish boutique or a shop capable of withstanding a daily deluge of customers, slatwall can be the perfect fitting to ensure you have the shop you want.

For example, you could just go for a simple form of slatwall, using cream, grey or white panels, which will only set you back around twelve pounds sixty a panel. These are not the prettiest or most exciting panels, but they are useful, cheap and fully functional – on the other hand, they will not draw attention away from clothing on sale, allowing the goods to do the talking.

Yet, at the same time, a shop selling an excellent array of high-quality clothing shouldn’t really have much problem shifting their goods, so you may want to spend a little more money to ensure that your shop looks as good as it possibly can. Therefore, depending on what type of clothing you are selling, you might want to go for a classy look for your slatwall, or brighter, more vibrant panelling for a trendier store or children’s clothing shop.

So let’s first have a look at an upscale boutique, perhaps something selling designer clothing or suits – what kind of slatwall would fit into such an establishment? Well, you could go for wood effect panelling, which is both clean, classy and will fit in beautifully to an upmarket establishment. However, such panelling will not come cheaply. Expect to pay around thirty five pounds for each panel – of course, while this may seem a little wasteful for normal clothes, designer gear or suits should be displayed both prominently and tastefully, so it is worth investing a little extra.

For younger, trendier shops, you can buy some colourful slatwall – it comes in either blue or green for thirty seven pounds eighty, or yellow for forty nine pounds. Yes, it may be even more expensive than wood effect panelling, but it could well help shift clothes – it will be easy to catch people’s attention in both trendy boutiques and children’s clothing stores. Simple, but true.

So while slatwall may seem like just a series of panels, it has both the versatility and range to display items of clothing either tastefully, prominently or in a way to catch the attention.

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