How to Write a Graphic Designer Resume

The basic principles behind how to write a graphic designer resume are the same as a resume for any professional job. First and foremost your resume should provide at a glance, a history of your education, skills and experience that make you an appropriate candidate for the job.

A graphic designer must perhaps think more about the presentation of their resume than most other professions. To begin with, a covering letter is a good idea. This should be a concise piece that entices the employer to want to delve into your resume and want to learn more about you. This is a good place to mention your portfolio since you cannot attach your portfolio to the resume. Let the employer know that you have one and some of the things they can expect from your portfolio should you be invited to interview to present it.

A graphic designer must also consider how much design element they should incorporate into the resume. It may be useful to include some but you must strike a balance between what is tasteful and what is over the top. Avoid garish colours and illegible fonts. You might want to give the resume a stylized heading or cover sheet which should include your name. You could also have a passport size photo incorporated into the layout of the front sheet.

Think about the media on which you write your resume. Choose some better quality paper that gives an impression of style or class and also lets the employer see that you are someone who takes presentation seriously and has good taste. However, a resume is not a wedding invitation; be careful to choose media that is businesslike and appropriate for the purpose you are using it.

How to write a graphic designer resume is a very legitimate question because the graphic designer’s resume is the employer’s first introduction to the applicants design skills.

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