Skinny Jeans Styles

Skinny Jeans Styles

Not all skinny jeans are made equal. Some are classic jeans material, others stretchy. Some come in colors and others with patches sewn on. Not all skinny jeans fit each body, either. Beware of some pitfalls to this favorite and ever-lasting fashion trend.

Classic Jeans Material

Just like most jeans, the heavy-duty cotton material is not exactly great for lots of stretching and moving. They are fantastic for being outdoors and protecting skin, but when it comes to skinny jeans, if you are okay with some restriction, mainly in getting the tight fit over your feet and later bending your knees, true classic skinny jeans may not be the ideal pair.

However, the restrictive nature is also great for keeping the extra bulge pulled in. Other styles of skinny jeans don’t have this kind of protection built in. Take for example, the jegging.

Stretchy Jeggings

These days the denim legging, or jegging, is made to look as close to real jeans as possible, but with lots of added stretch for optimum comfort. Coming in a variety of colors, these jeans are not the best suited for each person.

For larger builds, the thin material will not smooth out the silhouette. The opposite will occur where every bump will be magnified. If jeggings are still your favorite option, seek out ones with pockets, faux or real, sewn on to the back to help camouflage as well as create the illusion they are classic skinny jeans.

Colors Galore

Some trends, such as colorful jeans, come and go. If you want to participate in these trends, make sure to pick darker colors that will go with more than one shirt. Also, for larger builds, the darker shades will give a slimming appeal without having to resort to standard black or everyday blue. For the lucky ones with model’s figures, any color will do, but since these are trends, search out fast fashion stores to avoid spending exorbitant amounts of money on fads.

Patterned Jeans

Some skinny jeans come with different patterns sewn in. For example, a popular style is the motorcycle effect where different layers of jean are patterned around the knee area. This gives the illusion of a motor sport pant where extra protection is provided around the joints. If skinny jeans bringing focus to your legs is not enough, this is a great option for even more attention on your gams.

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of skinny jeans. As for trends, don’t bother spending a lot of money, just find teen stores that emphasize passing trends and get them on the cheap for a great way to mix and match your wardrobe.

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