Blue UGG Classic Cardy Boots – Shades of Blue Fall & Winter 2009-2010

When those who are shopping specifically for “Blue UGG Classic Cardy” boots have a specific color in mind, it might be helpful to know about the full range of blue shades available, as well as being aware of what size ranges they are available in (i.e., women’s and girls’ sizes).

Here are each of the Blue UGG Cardy shades – with information on availability for women and kids:

Jacaranda UGG Cardy – This is a new shade for 2009 and 2010.  It is what I would describe as a darker version of last year’s “Indigo” also with a touch of purple in the material.  This shade is available in women’s sizes only at this point in time.

Pool Blue Cardy – This is also one of the new colors for the Cardy lineup this year – it is a lighter blue, and is literally the color of water in a pool.  The pool blue would be a great choice for a kids’ Cardy boot as well, but at this point it is available in women’s sizes only.

Indigo Blue Cardy – The Indigo color is not longer part of the current collection of UGG Cardy boots, but it can be found in some places online.  The Indigo shade is (as its name implies) the color of denim with a lovely heathered material.  They are available in women’s sizes only.

Blue Multi UGG Cardy – This is a blue mixed with green to create a fun sort of a “tie dye” look.  This color combination is available in the kids’ sizes of Cardy boots only, and is a fun way for a little girl to add a touch of flair to a fall or winter outfit.

If you are specifically shopping for Blue UGG Classic Cardy boots, the above information should give you a good place to start on searching out and making a decision on your own favorite shade of blue – whether you are shopping the women’s or kids boots.

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