How to Dress Up For a Maharashtrian Wedding Reception

Marathi weddings are less flashy and thus even the Marathi brides tend to be more simply dressed for wedding reception as well as for all other rituals on the wedding occasion. A Marathi bride is more likely to be traditionally dressed for all the wedding ceremonies.

Let us know how to dress traditionally and in style for the Marathi wedding reception

Marathi Groom

Typically, a Marathi groom wears a dhoti kurta which is the most traditional outfit of the Maharashtrian ceremonies. For the Maharashtrian wedding reception you can choose to opt for the traditional look by opting for kurta and loose-fitting, pleated pants called a dhoti. Alike, most Maharashtrians preference, you too can opt for cotton-blended embroidered kurta with gold or silver designs. However opt for a silk wedding dhoti in a brighter color like purple, magenta, blue. You can choose the colour to blend well with the outfit of your Marathi Bride.

You can adorn the gold jewellery that has been passed down from older generations of relatives. The headpiece is the most unique feature to Maharashtrian weddings and is made of white flowers, golden string, and pearls.

Maharashtrian grooms outfits, are simple and elegant and yet significant to the community.

Marathi Brides

The Maharashtrians is a community of simple people. Hence their wedding reception attire too tends to be less bedazzled and ornamented. However, Maharashtrians love for vibrant colours can be easily seen in the choice of their colour preferences. The most preferred colour for the wedding reception as well as other ceremonies is marigold or yellow with green or orange borders.

The Marathi brides love to adorn the traditional colourful outfits with pearl and gold jewellery! The traditional Marathi brides love to wear the nine yard Paithani saree. They can also be worn for all major events during the wedding ceremony. The paithani silk sarees have thick, oblique-square designs on the borders with embellished pallu designs of peacocks, parrots in the pallu of the saree. Paithanis are the traditional wear of all the Marathi weddings and have even caught the fancy of the modern day Marathi Brides. They can be best sourced from the city of Paithan. Make sure make a selection of your choice a month or two in advance for your wedding reception as the artisans mostly take more than a month to hand weave truly authentic Paithani sarees.

Marathi brides can also choose to wear the traditional nauvari sarees. The Nauvari sarees looks like a trouser-like appearance and the nine-yard-long saree is wrapped around each leg to create a “pant” instead of the long skirt usually associated with a saree. Traditionally speaking, Nauvari sarees were considered to be more comfortable by the women folk. What say? You can surprise your friends, family and relatives by opting for the traditional Marathi brides look for the wedding reception.

Get adventurous and explore and decide on a traditional yet modern dress up for your Marathi wedding reception!!

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