How Designer Shoes Can Give Your Wardrobe Timeless Contemporary Design

How Designer Shoes Can Give Your Wardrobe Timeless Contemporary Design

A timeless wardrobe is a worthwhile wardrobe. A timeless wardrobe will ensure that your fashion style is classic and contemporary-no matter what decade it is!

Think back on all the fashion trends over the years that have come and gone… maybe some lasted for a few months, maybe even a year or two, before fluttering back into fashion obscurity.

Huge bell-bottom jeans, “The Rachel” haircut, clunky platform shoes; these are just some of the fashion trends that seemed like they were going to last forever-and of course, they didn’t. Unlike these fickle trends, a timeless contemporary wardrobe does last forever.

Designer shoes are one of the key factors in creating a timeless, contemporary wardrobe. Shoes are actually one of the trickiest aspects of a wardrobe for many people. One of the biggest reasons for shoe frustration is the fact that shoes tend to wear out fast, especially if you are wearing them day-in and day-out for work or casual use.

And no one wants to step out to lunch with friends wearing sneakers that have holes in them, or a strappy sandal with a nearly broken heel. What can be done about this shoe frustration? The simple answer is: designer shoes, they last!

Designer shoes are the best way to make sure that your wardrobe has a timeless contemporary theme that not only looks great, but lasts a long time as well.

There are countless pairs of well designed shoes that come in timeless styles, such as, (though of course, never limited to) black high-heeled pumps, low-heeled strappy sandals, knee-high or ankle-high fashion boots and a pair of flats in a neutral color.

Although couturier shoes also come in more extravagant styles, it is the aforementioned classic designer staples that will take your wardrobe from shabby to chic.

Best of all, because designer shoes are of a much higher quality than the pairs you might pick up from the local mall shoe store, they are built to withstand more wear and tear.

Whilst they’re cheaper, mass-produced shoes might wear out after a few months, your designer shoes, when taken care of properly, can last for years!

When it comes to using designer shoes to keep your wardrobe timeless and contemporary, it’s important to remember that neutral and simple is best.

Simple classic heels, basic fashion boots, basic flats; all of these are pieces that can be incorporated into any timeless wardrobe. The most classic, enduring color is black, although other neutral colors are also acceptable.

There is no reason, of course, that you can’t have a few pairs of flashy shoes for those times when you want to wear sparkly, ruby slipper-style pumps; just make sure that you also have those classic couturier shoes in your wardrobe as well.

A timeless wardrobe is not about being boring or stuffy; it is about making sure that your clothing fits in aesthetically no matter the occasion or decade you currently inhabit.

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