Durga Puja Fashion: Traditional Indian Red And White Outfits for Men

Durga Puja is hardly few days away and everyone is busy planning and choosing which outfits to wear throughout this grand celebration that spans over 4-5 days. Festivals are the time to go for traditional Indian Clothes and hence men and women look beautiful in their gorgeous traditional Indian Designer Outfits this time of the year.

Every festival has its own theme and characteristics and so does Durga Puja. Being a Bengali festival, Durga Puja is richly infused with traditions that have been a part of it since ages. Amongst other things, Durga Puja has its very own special dress code too. Women are most spotted in traditional red and white Indian Sarees that exude the perfect look for Durga Pujaa. At the same time men also don traditional red and white Indian Clothes that are best suited for Durga Pujaa. Ethnic Indian Clothes for men such as Kurta Pyjama, Sherwani, Dhoti Kurta, Churidar Kurta, etc in the red and white color combination looks fabulous for Durga Pujaa.

Further the plethora of Indian Designer Clothes for men that is available nowadays offers immensely gorgeous outfits that are traditional and hence ideal for festivals such as Durga Puja. Men who do not shy away from gorgeous outfits would find the vast variety of Designer Indian Men’s Clothes that are traditionally styled and enhanced with exquisite embellishments such as sequins, beads, zardozi, resham embroidery, etc quite appealing. However, amongst such a vast variety to choose from, what looks best for Durga Pujja are Designer Dhoti Kurtas in red and white combination.

No other outfit can look so ethnic and traditional for the Bengali festival of Durga Pujaa apart from Dhoti Kurta. Latest designs of Dhoti Kurta feature exquisite fabrics along with interesting styling. Silk Dhoti Kurta, Cotton Dhoti Kurta, Tussar Silk Dhoti Kurta, etc enhanced with beautiful embroidered pattern makes a man look absolutely handsome and traditional for the extremely grand festivities of Durga Puja.

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