Clothing Stores – How to Use Mannequins

Clothing Stores – How to Use Mannequins

All good marketers know that images of people out-pull images of anything else 90{68d322ae31f1e6e0c1fb01577a31b4c5acc2b218b32cc133daf91ba1cb302777} of the time. Mannequins may not be real people, but they are the next best thing for getting people to look. Here’s how to use mannequins in clothing stores and other retail venues to get better sales.

1) To Pull in Foot Traffic

If you are on a medium to low traffic street, you can probably get away with putting a mannequin out on the sidewalk, especially if you can position it so that it gets attention, but is not blocking the flow of foot traffic. Have your mannequin hold a sign, whether it is promoting a sale or being funny.

You have a great opportunity to show your wares on the street mannequin, but do not put anything too expensive on it, because theft rates are going to be high. Anything to can attach really securely would be good, like a dress, or overalls. Just be sure not to put anything on the mannequin that you’ll be really disappointed if you lose. Some people have specific items of clothing that have velcro sewn in, then they put velcro tape on the mannequin. That way if someone tries to pull a piece of clothing off, there will be a loud noise, and the thief will be so surprised they may just run off.

2) To Showcase Outfits

Clothing stores use mannequins to show how complete outfits are supposed to look together. If you have a used clothing store, use mannequins in the front windows to showcase your most dramatic clothes.

3) For Branding

Forget the staid poses from the big department stores. Your mannequins do not have to be boring, and if you have two or more mannequins it can really get interesting. Set your mannequins up to be dancing, necking, even fighting over a scarf that’s on sale. I saw one store that had the mannequins protesting low pay. The wilder your ideas, the more people will look, and the more sales you’ll get when they just have to step into your store.

If you can find the time, try to move your mannequins around once a day. You don’t have to completely re-dress them, or change the theme of your presentation, but even moving their arms around and changing where they are looking will get you more attention. Your best customers can be the people who walk by every day, and if you have a visual treat for them every day, you’ll be making the best possible use of the money you are spending on rent for that big picture window.

In addition to mannequins you will probably want a wig or two. Buy a wig that fits with whatever you’re selling, so if you are catering to older women, get a grey wig, or a wig with a more formal cut. If you cater to teens, be sure to get a wig that’s got a cutting edge look. You can also skip the wig and just use hats and scarves, but at some point the bald head look will get tired.

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