Blast From the Past – The Renaissance Wedding Dress

With the definition of Renaissance being: “reconstruction” and “rebirth”, most Renaissance wedding dress designers choose to create wonderfully ornate garments that combine the grandeur and luxury of the old with the sewing techniques of the modern age.

As your guide to anything and everything about Renaissance wedding dresses, we’re providing you with a list of information on this wedding dress style.

What Is It?

As you no doubt already understand from its name, the Renaissance wedding dress refers to a specific gown style. The style and the design of the Renaissance wedding gown is patterned after the fashion trends during the 1400s until the 1600s.

Renaissance wedding gowns are more demure or covered than today’s wedding dress designs, but are also just as elegant and stylish as their modern counterparts. These wedding dresses come in different colors and designs, with slight variations on skirt styles and necklines.

The similarities of all the different Renaissance wedding gowns include long-sleeves and a long, flowing or A-Line skirt.

Why We Love It

How can you not love something that pays homage to history? Although you may find it difficult to locate an authentic and still wearable Renaissance wedding dress, you will find that many designers these days give you the opportunity to have a historical themed wedding.

The intricate designs and detailing, and the fabulous use of texture and fabrics are all elements taken into consideration to create gorgeous Renaissance wedding garments. Most of the fabrics used in the creation of these gowns are luxurious and expensive, giving you an aura of being majestic and terrific, deserving only the best of what the world can give.

Luxurious, elegant and almost sinful in their opulence-these are just some of the adjectives we can use to describe these fabulous Renaissance wedding dresses.

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