The Hottest Trends in Women’s Fashion for Summer 2014

The summer is almost here and you are ready to show off with the trendiest outfits. You can readily follow the latest trends in women’s fashion for the summer of 2014 and add your own creative twist. Get started by checking out what is hot and what is not.

Full Skirts and Pencil Skirts

The vintage style has finally taken over and this is more than welcomed. The full skirts are among the trendiest of women’s garments for this summer. They are elegant and feminine. They are great for work and for all kinds of semi-formal and casual events. The ideal length is from just below the knee to right above the ankle. If you want something more girly and playful, you can go for a model with above-knee length.

The pencil skirts are also quite hip in 2014. They are super sleek and can make you look thinner and taller. The mid-ankle length is ideal, but you can always choose a shorter model if you want to show your gorgeous legs. One really important thing to note about skirts is that this summer they all have high waist.

Elegant Blouses

You can forget about the baggy tops which were trendy a year or so ago. Now it is all about feminine elegance and grace. The materials are light and breathable and this makes the blouses super comfy as well as elegant. These items come in all sorts of soft colors with white and pale pink being the most popular options. You can go for models with short or long sleeves or for sleeveless ones. The trendy necktie blouses are great for every day while the models with asymmetric cuts are ideal for casual outings.

Classy Suits

If you want to look super hip at work or even when you go shopping, you should consider a suit made up of skirt or pants and an elegant form-fitting jacket. The suit can be in dressy or casual style. The important thing is for the top and bottom to be perfect matches. The solid colors are always hip, but you can also consider suits with colorful floral or small geometric patterns.

Sporty Outfits

The tennis inspired dresses, skirts and tops are total hits in the summer of 2014. They offer the perfect combination between sexy, classy and elegant. Again, the white color rules the scene while blue, green and black are reserved for the edges and for the geometric decorative motifs. You can readily pair these items with casual sandals and with a varsity jacket.

Feminine Colors and Patterns

White, red, orange and pale pink are among the trendiest colors for this summer. Blue and green are also popular but not as much as previous years. The trendiest colors are beautiful and will certainly add an extra feminine touch to your look.

The floral patterns are highly stylized. You will see more leaves in solid colors rather than flower blossoms. The irregular geometric patterns remain super herb.

If the latest trends in women’s fashion for this summer have inspired you, it is time to go shopping.

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