Shopping Malls Over the Ages

Shopping is a therapeutic activity. The majority of women and even some men would agree to this urban myth which is probably why it is so well known and used. The therapeutic quality of shopping is nothing new. In fact, it existed ages ago as well. The proof of this fact is that the first shopping mall or equivalent of our shopping mall existed in the 10th century. Furthermore, if one wants more proof then one only has to do research on one of the first buildings that were constructed for the sole purpose of it being a shopping mall.

The 10th century shopping mall, as per history books was known as The Bazaar of Isfahan while one of the first purposely constructed shopping malls was built in St. Petersburg and was called Gostiny Dvor. So what are the qualities that made malls so attractive to human beings even hundreds of years ago? The following are some facts about shopping malls for the uninitiated.

1. Earlier, shopping malls were nothing but a group of shops located in one place and were called markets. Then, the main purpose behind having all shops located in one place, apart from the convenience of it all, was also the security factor. If one just looks back on history and notices the placements of all major cities and towns, one will notice that most markets or shopping centers were located near or in the centre of the town. This layout allows better defense and protection.

2. Another fact why malls or their earlier versions came to exist was the logistics factor. The logistics of transfers and storage was tough in those times owing to the fact that technology was limited. Hence, delivering everything in one place and then subsequently storing it there had its advantages.

3. Shopping malls are an invention of the urban mindset of human beings. Nowadays, there are so many malls that they have begun to compete against each other. It is the plenty syndrome. However, even through this competition, there are still many benefits and advantages. The following are some.

a. As stated earlier, shopping has a therapeutic effect on people. This fact effectively makes these shopping centers a therapeutic tool for the people. The therapeutic aspect is true if one believes the majority of women in the world. Time and time again most women will vouch for the fact that shopping makes them feel good.

b. However, therapy aside, the biggest advantage of these malls is that one can find almost all the items that one needs in one place. Another thing that comes to notice with these malls is that they improve the efficiency of the whole shopping experience. Due to their existence, a shopper can compare the prices and products easily and make a better choice. Therefore, convenience and efficiency are the major factors why shopping malls are so famous in the current day and age. Along with this, everyone appreciates the fact that these malls in their own small way are helping out with the problem of increasing traffic and fuel costs.

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