How Teenage Modelling Agencies Benefits Teen Models

Every aspect of the modeling world has its advantages and disadvantages the same can be said for the teenage modelling agencies. The disadvantages of using an agency are few and far between but still need to be mentioned to place the whole subject into context. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages before we jump on the benefits wagon.

The disadvantages

As already mentioned the disadvantages of modelling agencies are but a few, they include;

1) Being bound by a contract. This means the model should follow the directions as it is set out by the agency and cannot go on every shoot or job they want to. The breach of a contract can result in legal action against the model.

2) Paying commission to the agency. Teenage modelling agencies make their money by charging a certain percentage of commission on all work done. The commission percentages differ from agency to agency and model to model.

3) No guarantee of modelling jobs. Even though agencies have the post possibility of getting you a modelling job they cannot guarantee it.

How do agencies benefit their models?

1) Safety. Agencies go out of their way to ensure that their models are safe, and that the shoot is not illegitimate. In the case of teen models these safety benefits needs to be doubled. Because teens are so eager to boost their careers they are often lured into situations that requires them to do nude or pornographic work. Teenage modelling agencies will ensure that teen models do not fall into these traps.

2) More exposure. Getting exposure is the only way a model will make it in this industry. An agency provides exactly that. Clients of the agencies views a lot of portfolios on model hunts and even though you might not be right for a specific job you will be remembered for a future one.

3) Better paying jobs. Because of their good reputations agencies are allowed to charge more for modelling jobs; resulting in better pay for the models. Even though this directly influences the model the agency are the one that ensures this. The agency will be required to have a backup model available should the chosen one fail or fall ill. Additional backup’s costs teenage modelling agencies more, but it builds their reputations.

4) Legal cover. When you sign a contract with and agency they employ as a working person and that includes the legal cover while you work for them. This means if something goes wrong on a shoot the contract between you and the agency will protect you from any legal aspects suggested by the client.

5) Travel and treatment. The best benefit any teen can get from agency work is the travel and treatment benefits. Agencies often supply styling and beauty teams as part of the shoot. This means beautiful hair and make-up and sometimes even manicures and pedicures for the models. Overseas travel can be an additional benefit linked to teenage modelling agencies.

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