How to Succeed at Dating Women Using 3 New, Killer Attraction Techniques

Dating beautiful women even when you don’t have the good looks of a fashion model is possible if you can learn the ropes like all the seduction experts did when they started out. Learning these skills sounds difficult. You can imagine memorizing lessons upon lessons of pick up lines all week so you can finally ask one girl out during the club nights over the weekend.

But, what if I told you right now that you don’t have to spend that much effort to really learn the basics of seducing the socks of a hot babe? Read on to learn how to date women fast using three deadly strategies of seduction your friends don’t know about.

How To Succeed At Dating Women – Using 3 New, Killer Attraction Techniques

Technique # 1: “Charm her with Your Talk”. You must speak in a manner that will make her relax. If she feels comfortable around you, she is more likely to open up, give you her number and grant you access to her emotions.

Technique # 2: “Romance Trigger”. Engage your girl in conversation on a level that makes her warm up to you EMOTIONALLY. Women are romance addicts and if you act like a dream guy to her, it won’t be long before she starts thinking you’re the one for her.

The truth is, women won’t feel the need to come close and get cozy with you if you don’t give her a romantic reason to do so. Make her kittenish by saying all the right things that will make her feel like she has known you forever.

Technique # 3: “Fractionation”. Here’s a hypnosis-based romancing method you can copy from master seducers. Seducing a girl by hypnosis is equivalent to having “superpowers” in the dating world. With this method you can get her emotionally attracted to you within 15 minutes or less.

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