Barbie Doll Fun Facts – A Trip Through Time

Since 1959, Mattel’s Barbie doll has been a smash hit with little girls around the world. Barbie has certainly seen it all over the years. Here are just a few facts to see if you can remember some of the more important moments in the life of Barbie.

1. For over 45 years the Barbie doll has been involved in over 80 different careers. Her first career was actually a teenage fashion model.

2. In 1992, Barbie doll was a Presidential candidate. No word on whether she was a Democrat or Republican.

3. Barbie first became an astronaut back in 1965. She also continued to be one in 1986 and 1994.

4. Barbie was not released in Europe until 1961, two years after debuting in the U.S.

5. Over 150 nations market the Barbie doll.

6. Mattel estimates that two Barbie dolls are sold somewhere every two seconds.

7. In 1980, Mattel came out with the first Hispanic and black Barbie dolls.

8. Totally Hair Barbie has the distinction of being the best seller over the years.

9. Barbie has had 5 sisters over the years and 21 dogs as well; although her first pet was a horse called Dancer.

10. Only stamp collecting is more popular in the U.S. than doll collecting.

11. Amazingly, over 105 million yards of material have been used in making Barbie doll clothes. This includes her friends also. In fact, Mattel is a major clothing maker.

12. The very first Mattel Barbie doll sold for a price of $3.00.

13. Do you have an original 1959 Barbie doll? It would be worth up to $10,000 if it’s in good condition.

14. The market for Barbie is $1.5 billion dollars, per year.

15. The Ken doll, which was Barbie’s long-time boyfriend, first came out in 1961.

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