Fashion Trends in Urban Clothing 2010

The term fashion refers to the style of clothing or wearing hairdos and other accessories according to the prevailing styles and norms. It keeps changing constantly because once people start following a particular trend it tends to get monotonous eventually and thus is changed very frequently every season. Although nothing really drastically modifies in the way people have been draping themselves, some styles repeat themselves from the past while the others are just minor modifications or mix and matches from other existing styles.

In 2010 for urban women the trend would be over-the-knee boots or thigh high boots or as a substitute laddered stocking is clearly the “in thing”. These boots and stockings would only go well with short skirts, so mini skirts are also in trend. Capes and leather clothing also add on to the chique look in women. They had been out of fashion for a long time now. They are back in the scene. And by leather we aren’t just talking about leather jackets but about leather dresses, leather shorts and leather leggings. The female dandy is also another surprise entry in trendsetting clothing of 2010 which includes high collars, ruffles and bow blouses, cropped slim-cut jackets in both a double or single breast, waist coats and tailored vests, fob chains, frock coats and tail coats and high-waisted Jodhpurs. These outfits that are supposed to be more masculine are manipulated and clinched at the waist to give it a feminine touch with a belt.

Chunky knits is also another in thing. Chunky doesn’t have to be all shabby though a little show of skin would give it a stylish feel. As for stockings, go for ripped and torn stockings. It is the female counterpart of ripped jeans. It is both sexy and sporty. Another trend this season would be see through clothing. Now this shouldn’t necessarily give the message “look at me” it could be subtle at the same time give a sexy feel by using delicate fabrics with multiple layerings draped onto the body. One shouldered dresses and tops are back into style. If you do not want to flaunt your legs or cleavage why not flaunt the single shoulder that gives a sensuous overall look. Apart from these military fashion tops and ripped and torn jeans are also hip and happening this season.

2010 fashion trends for men would be dominated this season by denim. By denim we don’t need to just stick to jeans but also sport denim jackets and casual pants as well. Jerseys and sneakers are never out of fashion. It is very urban and very hip hop.

Just as leather is in trend for women it is also true for men. Leather jackets are a must in the wardrobe this season. It is very stylish and sleek. In the casual attire category tracksuits and tank tops rule for men. The most popular t-shirts this season would be the ones with funny sayings on them. Besides, the urban trend, vintage clothing will also rule this season. This includes tight jeans and leather jackets and embroidered clothing.

This season it seems like we are going to have a handful to choose from because the trend is a nice mix match of clothes from different seasons. So go ahead flaunt your style your own way.

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