Chic Color Combinations – Business Women’s Guide to Fashion

Professional women have the presence, style and sophistication to light up any room, meeting or event. And much of their attention can be directed to how they select and wear their clothes. It is important for business women to look polished, pressed and fashionable to create a positive and notable image in the career world. Women can also use these tips to select fun and eye catching color combinations for their business outfits.

Listed below are chic ways that women can highlight their everyday wardrobes for business success!

Black and Blue

Every women should have at least three pairs of black pants and skirts in their closets. Black bottoms are versatile and can be worn in the day time or in the evening. They are classic pieces that never go out of style and are interchangeable when selecting different outfits. Black can also be paired with blue to make a great color combination. Although navy blue is a very conservative color, we suggest brighter and more intense blues such as cobalt blue, teal blue, powder blue or sky blue. Black and blue look wonderful on almost all skin tones and hair colors and can be worn all year round.

Red and Brown

Both earth tones, red and brown is great for the Fall/Winter season. It is warm and deep and looks excellent with various patterns and textures. The colors are very similar in hue and almost create a monochromatic look. The softness of the two colors compliments the combination and does not clash or seem out of sync. Red and brown can even be mixed together in patterns for clothes or designs for accessories. The best way to highlight these colors is to include gold accents such as belts, earrings, pins and various jewelry.

Purple and Gray

Purple and gray are great to wear during the Fall/Winter season. They can be dressed up or dressed down for the day time or evening. This color combination looks great in pastels or darker color intensities. Purple and gray looks wonderful on almost all skin tones and hair colors. And it is best accented with silver accessories for belts, scarves, shoes, bags and jewelry. Purple and gray combination can also look divine with various prints such as floral, pin stripes and tweeds.

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