Bringing a Leather Portfolio to Your Job Interview? Make Sure to Pick the Right Color

Studies prove that colors affect our views and feelings. The choices of colors that we wear can largely affect our feelings and emotions and even the level of successful outcomes of our interactions. Imagine the impact of a male reporting to an interview for a non fashion related position in a pink shirt and matching jacket or a female reporting to a management interview for a conservative company in a camouflage colored suit.

During an interview, the color of your clothes and your portfolio (only leather portfolios send the right message) may determine whether you will get the job or not. Be choosy which color you will use.

Study these colors and their significance to a job interview and decide which among these will benefit you most.

  • Blue is the color that represents reliability and that is why it is widely considered as the business color. It represents stability, confidence, cleanliness, calmness, loyalty and tranquility. This is the best color to wear when you apply for managerial positions or any positions that will require a strong personality.
  • Black represents power, sophistication, elegance, mystery, and depth. This is best to wear and to carry if your job interview is for the arts or fashion.
  • Green is another color that brings you calmness and good luck. This the best color for job interviews that have something to do with peoples’ behaviors such as psychologists and sociologists.
  • Red is the hottest color and one which brings a lot of energy to a person. In an interview, a person looking for a job that requires a lot of activity must have red on their body.
  • White represents purity, simplicity, cleanliness, and humility. Educators and applicants for public service should wear this color.
  • Yellow symbolizes optimism, joy, and idealism. People who are aiming for jobs that usually meet opposition must have this color during their interview.
  • Brown is the classic color choice. Carrying a brown leather portfolio to your job interview can give you confidence and class.

Here are the five reasons why you need to check the color of what you wear, especially the leather portfolio you choose for your interview.

  1. Color creates good impression. No matter what kind of job you’re applying for, your portfolio’s color will create different impressions to the interviewer.
  2. Color sets your moods. Looking at different colors around you can affect your mood and temperament. Seeing brightly colored things can make you happy.
  3. Your color choice creates an atmosphere. Colors that are close to nature give tranquility and peacefulness. That is why we need to carry this idea of color in the leather folio you carry if you want to create a calm atmosphere during your interview.
  4. Colors can manipulate your emotions. Bringing a portfolio in a bright color can brighten up your spirit and make you feel more positive about the job you are applying for.
  5. Color can give you self-confidence. Your moods depend on the color you see. Wearing one of your favorite colors can make you feel confident during an interview.

Good luck on your interview. Relax and show your true colors.

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