Are Many Young Models Victims of Sexual Harassment?

There is a widely prevalent apprehension among aspiring young models and all concerned whether many young models are victims of sexual harassment or not. Whatsoever mechanisms of gender equality are engineered by modern democratic establishments, gender inequality and the resultant inequity lurk under complex camouflages. Sexual harassment at work places is a ghost casting its ghastly image across the spectrum, whether developing or developed. It does not mean since the modeling industry is a glamour and fashion field this menace is completely outside its ambit. However, it is not yet at an agonizing level. Further, as the fashion models are the cynosure at any spot or gathering, often they are under security care. Further, if the models themselves are negligent to take any personal care themselves it may pose a potential risk.

If we analyze the chances of young models becoming the victims of sexual harassment, the possibility of such incidents may crop up at the photo sessions. Hence it may be taken as primary concern that any aspiring young models associate only with reputed modeling agencies. Sexual harassment itself invokes vague connotations in legal parlance in prevalence in different legal systems. It may include indecent behaviour towards females, passing indecent or obscene comments, expressing sexual remarks unsolicited, expressing sexual gestures or exhibiting obscene objects or objectionable parts of body. It also includes soliciting sexual favours. In most of the modern states indulging in such activities in the work place will attract special penal provisions. Thus, if the work place that you choose is a bona fide and professionally mature and reputed one, the chances of any incidence of sexual harassment are very minimal.

The chances of young models becoming the victims of sexual harassment may be a little higher than those of the members of any other traditional type of profession. Here again, the purported increase in safety risk is directly associated with the fact that young models are generally with higher sex appeal and hence may be more attractive to the opposite sex. This in itself entails a potential hazard generally. Even then, it does not imply that such a hazard is difficult to avert. It means that you need to ensure sufficient precautions and preparations while entering the field. It is always advisable to make arrangements for your own personal companions with you while going for outside assignments. Also, as I have already pointed out, opting for a professionally established and reputed organization to work with would save many of the hassles.

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