3 Makeup Products Women Must Have in the UAE

Makeup is a beautiful, enchanting thing which is adored by almost every woman out there and rightfully so! It adds such a fine touch to your face and refines it which makes you look 10x prettier. It helps in enhancing a woman’s natural features and making them appear more prominent, making her look inviting. It’s so versatile that it can help you achieve a variety of looks whether it be bold and glamorous, or natural and light. This makes makeup such a powerful and flexible tool. Moreover, it increases your self-esteem and makes you more confident. New research has also found that it makes them feel smarter as it increases feelings of attractiveness, attitude and personality. An increased self-esteem can boost cognitive abilities resulting in better performance.

Furthermore, makeup also surprisingly helps protect your skin from pollution, dust, smog and other things that might harm it. It creates a barrier around it so as to not have your skin be directly exposed to it. This blog will talk about different types of makeup products and how they help achieve iconic looks.

1. Radiant Creamy Concealer

This is an award-winning product with multi-action, light-diffusing properties that deserves a special place in your makeup collection. It instantly perfects, corrects, contours and highlights your complexion. It has a luxuriously smooth and hydrating formula which is buildable and provides medium-to-full coverage and a glowing finish. It hides imperfections and dark circles, blurs lines and wrinkles and makes you look very fresh. It also provides antioxidant protection and protects the skin against damaging radicals. Moreover, it helps the skin to appear smoother, softer and more even-toned, balancing your complexion perfectly. It’s made without any sulphates and parabens and you can get this through Sephora Coupon Code.  

2. Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick

This product is a liquid-like cream bronzing stick which creates an instant sun-kissed glow and blends seamlessly giving a really fine finish. It is seriously a must-have in your makeup collection for all the right reasons. It is weightless and has a smooth-glide texture which makes it easy to softly sculpt cheeks and eyes. It is also ultra-blend-able and buildable and the formula slides so smoothly against your skin which gives a natural finish. 98% of consumers also said it wears evenly and does not fade. Moreover, it has a non-greasy and water-resistant formula which won’t cake, grease or clog your pores which makes it the best option for people with difficult skin.

3. Blush Tape™ Liquid Blush

This product is a necessity in your makeup collection for a number of great reasons. Also known as the ‘instant cheek lift in a tube’, it is the most anticipated launch of the year. This hybrid blush kisses the cheeks with a dewy colour that glows ever so beautifully. It’s made with diamond powder which helps blur imperfections and reflects light for a soft-focus highlight. It also contains porcelain flower which brightens and moisturizes the skin for a radiant finish. Moreover, it has mango and shea butter, liquorice root and mineral pigments which all help condition, soften, brighten and colour-correct your skin.

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