The Chic and Smart Girl Shopping Guide

Holiday shopping is gaining more and more popularity all around the world. Usually, those who go to a foreign country just to shop prefer places like Turkey, Singapore, Philippines, Hong-Kong rather than renown shopping cities like Paris, London, Milan or New York. Why is that? Well, mostly because of how cheap you can find anything around there and also because it offers them a new experience, people will always like to discover something new.

If you go shopping in Turkey you must visit all the bazaars you can find. In bazaars you can find thousands and thousands of street vendors selling from hookahs :twisted:to 24K gold jewelery. Here if you don’t bargain, the seller may consider this a disgrace (huh!), furthermore by bargaining you can easily get a 30{68d322ae31f1e6e0c1fb01577a31b4c5acc2b218b32cc133daf91ba1cb302777} discount.

In Istanbul you can find the grand bazaar at Kapali Carsi (which is more than huge) or along the main avenue of Taksim. In Ankara bazaars can mostly be found in the center of the city in the Kizilay area. As for in a paradise like Kusadasi bazaars are almost everywhere.

Grand Bazaar Turkey

The other part of the Turkish shopping experience is their malls. Although you can’t bargain, their malls can be very different with what you are familiar in U.S.A or in the rest of Europe. In Istanbul, malls and high-end shops can be found on Nisantasi and Bagdat Avenue like Akmerez, Capitol, Kanyon, Kule Carsi or Istinye Park. In Ankara we also have a few big malls like Migros, Ankaramall or Armada. As for Kusadasi there is Scopa Nova Marina, a great shopping center.

Thailand is a more extravagant destination that Turkey. Thailand is mostly famous for it’s shopping markets, which are all around Bangkok, where you can find designer clothes or handmade crafts very cheap. For example the Chatuchak Weekend Market, it has over 1000 shops, or the OTOR shopping market, full of hand made souvenirs. Another great place is the night market called Suam Luun Night Bazaar.

Shopping malls in Thailand aren’t something special so I will only mention the best ones: Central World Bangkok and MBK.

Philippines has the 3rd biggest mall in the world, SM Mall of Asia, so you can imagine why it’s a popular shopping destination. The number of malls the Philippines, especially in Manila, is just amazing. Malls like 168 Mall, Greenbelt, Divisoria or Tutuban can be found everywhere in the world. The biggest bargains you can found in stores located in this shopping centers, stores like Surplus or Greenhills. At Surplus you can find famous labels very cheap as for Greenhills, imitations rull (but there are some very good imitations).

Hong Kong is the place for shopping. Mostly because of its funky and original clothes and because it’s TAX FREE! Hong Kong is famous for it’s Shopping Festival which takes part every year in the summer. The best place to find some bargains is the Mangkok district with lots and lots of street vendors. As for high-end markets and stores we have Tsim Sha Tsui or Causeway Bay, full of designer clothes an reasonable prices. For teenagers I recommend the APM mall, they’ll love it!

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