Past, Present and Future Prospects – Jute Fashion Industry

Past, Present and Future Prospects – Jute Fashion Industry

Now a days, several steps have been taken to give fashion world, a much greener face. These steps have revolutionized more usage of natural fiber like jute. Also known as Golden fiber, Jute is the latest fashion buzzword. As per the UN General Assembly, year 2009 will be considered as the international year for natural fibers. Some acknowledged world jute bodies like: The International Commodity Body and The International Jute Study Group have organized several programs representing varied uses and development of jute. Despite this fact that jute is one of the most versatile and cheapest natural fabric, it has been neglected in most of the fashion trends. There can be many reasons for that, either the disinterest shown by many authorities and the common consumers of fashion products etc.


In the past, lacking was faced in the area of technological advancements in the installation of better spinning machinery and scarcity of fund. After 1950’s, no innovation in machinery have been noticed. Along with this, machines which were installed during this period, they are used in many parts of South Asian countries till now.


During 90’s, jute industry has seen high development as different world bodies have started providing monetary, technological and research based help. The biggest possessors are the South Asian countries and most of the help given is spent in buying equipped jute spinning machines.


In the coming era, the production of jute fashion products has been viewed to be doubled up. The budding market trends in regard with the jute are quite bright and favorable. Jute is a very fashion friendly and vibrant color fiber. The fashion apparel and other commodities made up of jute are enough to excite and attract any fashion freak.

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