Pairing Skinny Jeans With the Perfect Shirt

When all is said and done, just about any shirt can work with skinny jeans. However, for a more tailored and fashion-wise outfit, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

To start, there are two types of skinny jeans out there. Actual denim material skinny’s and the stretchy legging version that’s made to look like jeans, also known as jeggings. Each style goes better with certain shirts.

Over-sized Shirts

Also known as the box cut, over-sized shirts are still fashionable and can work fantastic with a great skinny or jeggings. These shirts are made very loose and long, great for covering up the belly and butt; just something to keep in mind when wearing jeggings, as they tend to have elastic waist bands, not exactly sexy, and cling to the rear end.

Fitted Shirts

As long as it hits at hip length, it will be a great option for skinny jeans or jeggings. Fitted shirts are great for those will self-confidence and great figures as the entire outfit will be like wearing a second skin. If the shirt is not at hip length, but shorter, skip the jeggings as it will be obvious that they are faux jeans.

Mid-Riff Baring Shirts

This style is actually coming back, but likely not to hit the crazy levels of the late 1990s. This option is definitely not for jeggings, but can be worn with skinny jeans. This is only recommended for those with daring fashion sense and a model’s body. Without a model’s body, it simply is not appropriate and since the majority of the public does not have said body, go ahead and skip this shirt style all together.

There are only so many ways to wear a shirt, but when it comes to the skinny jeans the chosen shirt will compliment, it’s best to keep a few guidelines in mind. Know your jeans be they skinny or faux and know your body. After that, it’s just playing with proportions.

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