How Fashion Has Been Inspired

When you think of uniforms the image is that of a fireman’s, sailors or military style amongst others of a similar profession. This is exactly where men’s fashion designers of today are getting some of their many ideas from and creating clothing inspired by such iconic dress codes.

Dressing a certain smart way for work and having people follow this rule can be very important; it gives individuals a sense of identity and pride in where they work. Taking some of the elements from these garments and translating them into everyday fashion can make men of today feel smart and fashionable no matter where they are. Designers come up with new ideas for clothing all the time and one trend that keeps coming back reinvented, is taking samples from these outfits.

Uniform was the undercurrent of the Milan show and has now spilled over into the current Paris fashion shows where they have been using military dress mixed with inspiration from super heroes. This has been their starting point for designing a new range of men’s clothing to display down the runway. From these ideas they created super masculine pieces that show off an over exaggerated male style mixed with colour. They sent brightly coloured suit jackets down the runway with tapered trousers along with military inspired capes.

As well as the more outrageous links to super humans, designers also kept to the smart, formal attire of what a marine wears, using the sharp tailoring of tuxedos to show off men’s evening wear in a new light. Everybody appreciates this look and you can add touches of night-time class to the day easily with a few accessories.

Designer clothing in fashion shows give a heightened version of what will become available in the major high street stores for you to purchase and wear. It will however give you a great idea of what is to come and what is the latest to be seen wearing. It also translates into jewellery and footwear with army dog tags and other accessories tying your uniform outfit together along with a decent pair of laced boots. This trend comes back year after year so invest in an item of uniformed clothing as you will get to wear it continually.

The clothing we wear is very much a personal choice but will always remain highly influenced by the latest fashions and trends of the time.

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