Designer Dossier – Armani’s Formal Designs

Designer Dossier – Armani’s Formal Designs

In our high-end society, everybody who is anybody desires fancy things. This is clearly observed from the rich and famous whose extravagant lifestyle can make anybody green with envy. In a way, these people are as much similar as any other working person. Nevertheless, they particularly stick out, not only because of their natural good looks and charm, but also how they portray themselves; this, by wearing striking and glamorous clothing. They usually buy local or foreign women’s or men’s formal wear not because they want to, but because they can. And no foreign or local designer can dress these classy people other than the timeless Armani by Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani is 76 years old noted Italian fashion designer who is best known for his classic formal wear – tuxedo and gowns. Despite the fact he did not have any formal schooling in fashion design, he continued to strive by acquiring the skills and knowledge he needed to become successful. Never once did he think that a mere window dresser like him would soon become one of the most influential and sought-after designers in today’s society.

Today, the Armani brand has become a billion dollar industry, producing the finest clothing line and other fashion accessories. Leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear and cosmetics are just some of what Armani manufactures, distributes and retails all over the world. If these items deemed to be too expensive for your budget, there are other sub-labels you can go to which have cheaper price tags. Examples of which would be the famous AX/Armani Exchange and the Armani Collezioni.

What makes Giorgio Armani special among the sea of fashion designers are his clean, unstructured and flawless jackets, suits and gowns that can be worn on any kind of occasion. His classic and understated designs will definitely be in vogue no matter what season it may be. And with such high quality, an authentic Armani design suit will go well with any formal gathering

Giorgio’s designs are not strangers to the big screen. In 1980, Richard Gere wore an Armani original in the movie American Gigolo, which has greatly boosted the brand’s name and public exposure. The Untouchables was another movie where his creations were worn and featured.

In addition, Christian Bale got the privilege of wearing a hand made-to-measure original of Armani in his film The Dark Knight. This dashing actor, who played the billionaire superhero Bruce Wayne, wore the classic black men’s coat and tie for this ad campaign; thus the famous formal ensemble of Bruce. Armani considered this fictional character to be one of his clients stating that “…Bruce Wayne is demonstrating his status as a discriminating and sophisticated connoisseur of fine fashion, while also showing he has individual taste.”

Armani’s classic take in clothing and design has opened a lot of doors for him. His basic and elegant line has proven to be good investments, thereby fortifying its status as a timeless piece. Men’s formal wear can never look so chic when created by the master designer himself. And whether it’s a red carpet event, wedding or any formal event for that matter, Armani’s design can make you look as handsome and dashing as you’ve never looked before.

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